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{=Price Calculator for Offshore Company Incorporation=}

{=Price Calculator for Offshore Company Incorporation=}

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{=Nominee director / Nominee manager=} {=Yes=} {=No=}
{=Power of Attorney=} {=Yes=} {=No=}
{=Nominee shareholder / Nominee member=} {=Yes=} {=No=}
{=Certificate of Good Standing=} {=Yes=} {=No=}
+ {=Apostille=} {=Yes=} {=No=}
{=Certificate of Incumbency / Certificate of status letter=} {=Yes=} {=No=}
+ {=Apostille=} {=Yes=} {=No=}
Certificate of Registered Office + Apostille {=Yes=} {=No=}
Certificate of Directors and Secretary + Apostille {=Yes=} {=No=}
Certificate of Shareholdres + Apostille {=Yes=} {=No=}
Certificate of Good Standing + Apostille {=Yes=} {=No=}
Certificate of Tax Residence {=Yes=} {=No=}
{=Total optional cost=}

{=LAVECO Ltd. is pleased to offer its clients shelf companies in=} , {=which are available at the same price. In the case of purchase of a shelf company the paperwork and documentation involved can be completed in just one hour. Contact our office for details and a list of shelf companies=}!

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