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Wyoming - LLC

The state of Wyoming is situated in the western United States, between Montana and Colorado, and covers an area of 253 347 km2, almost 50% of which is owned by the federal government in national parks (including Yellowstone National Park), forests and preserves. The Rocky Mountains account for a third of the land, and in the east a similar sized area forms part of the Great Plains, from which the state takes its name - Wyoming, an Indian word, means "at the big plains". Summers in Wyoming are moderate, but winters are long and cold. The half a million inhabitants share their state with a vast array of wildlife, including moose, grizzly bears and mountain lions. The economy is based primarily on mining (high quality coal and natural gas), a rapidly expanding tourism industry and livestock. The population of only 515 000 make Wyoming the least densely populated of the 50 states. The capital and largest city is Cheyenne, and apart from a few other medium-sized cities, Wyoming contains almost 200 small towns scattered throughout the wide-open spaces.


The history of Wyoming is truly that of "the Wild West". Native Americans have been traced back 11 000 years, but it was not until the early 19th century that white men actually explored the area. In the 1820s fur traders thrived, and the settlement at Fort Laramie became an important meeting place. During the mid 19th century several hundred thousand travellers passed through the area, totally disrupting the lifestyle of the Native Americans. Tensions rose and a compensation payment of $50 000 was agreed. Conflict was common between the government and the Sioux people, and many natives refused to accept the reservation offered in South Dakota. Chiefs Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse led the opposition, which culminated in the Battle of Little Bighorn in neighbouring Montana. The railroads improved communi-cations, and many cattle ranchers were attracted to the area. In 1890 Wyoming became the 44th state of the Union, and the first giving equal rights to women.


The constitution of Wyoming, dating back to 1890, states that the chief executive is to be a governor, elected to serve a four-year term. The Senate is a body of 30 members, elected to serve a four-year term, and the 60 elected members of the House of Representatives serve two years. Wyoming is represented in the U.S. House of Representatives by one member and in the U.S. Senate by two members.

Method of incorporation / registration: The Certificate of Formation must be signed by the organiser of the Company. The organiser may be any private person or corporate body without restriction.
Company form: Limited Liability Company
Company status: Non-resident Company
Source of corporate legislation: Limited Liability Company Act of Wyoming, 1977.
Possible suffixes to company name: LLC or Limited Liability Company.
Restrictions on company name: The terms Bank, Insurance, University, Trust and Trustee may not appear in the company name.
Time required for incorporation: 4-5 weeks
Number of directors: Minimum 1 manager of any nationality
Number of shareholders: Minimum 1 member
Capitalisation: No minimum
Accounting / reporting requirements: A short annual report is required by the Secretary of State.
Type of shares: No shares are issued
Annual tax and duties: 100 USD
Information publicly available: Company name, managers, registered office, registered agent.
Disclosure of beneficiaries: Not required
Registered office: Local registered office is required by law.
Registered secretary / agent: Local registered agent is required by law.
Double tax treaty: Non-resident LLCs are not subject to any US DTTs.

COMPULSORY COSTS (payable prior to registration)

Incorporation fee: 390 USD
Notarial certification: 95 USD
International authentication (Apostille): 95 USD
Legal expenses, filing fees and stamp duties: 245 USD
Issuing of share certificates and initial minutes and forms: 70 USD
Corporate seal: 50 USD
Courier fees: 50 USD
Subtotal: 995 USD
Registered office and registered agent: 795 USD
Annual tax and duties: 100 USD
Subtotal: 895 USD
Total: 1890 USD

*The annual fees for the first year of existence of the company are payable prior to registration. Subsequently, the amount of 895 USD is payable annually, beginning from the second year of existence of the company. Non-payment of the annual fees results in the company being struck off the Company Register.

The amount of 1890 USD includes the following services: formation of the company, duties payable to the local authorities for the registration of the company, filing fees, provision of registered office and registered agent from formation for 1 year, annual tax for the 1st year, luxury leather corporate kit containing certificates of ownership, Certificate of Formation with State Secretary and Apostille certification, Operating Agreement, initial forms and minutes, and 2 company seals. The price contains no hidden costs!

Nominee Director (private person): {#Wyoming LLC - nominee manager#}
Nominee shareholder: 190 USD / year
Certificate of Status Letter: 330 USD
Power of Attorney with Notarial Certification: 390 USD
Notarial Certification or Apostille: 160 USD
Certificate of Good Standing: 330 USD

LAVECO Ltd. is pleased to offer its clients shelf LLCs in Wyoming, USA, registered within the framework of a special, advantageous tax scheme. In the case of purchase of a shelf company the paperwork and documentation involved can be completed in just one hour. Contact our office for details and a list of shelf companies!

Formation fees including annual fees for the first year. Ready made Wyoming LLC with nominee manager, nominee member and notarised Power of Attorney: 3160 USD
Fees payable from the second year. Registered office and registered agent, annual tax and duties, nominee member, nominee manager and notarised Power of Attorney: 2165 USD

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