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To pay or not to pay tax is a question which stirs the imagination of every businessman, particularly those who already own or manage one, or several, companies in their own countries, and which often affects the very existence of a venture.

At the same time, taking the first steps towards the establishment of an offshore company may seem rather hard. These steps involve a great deal of uncertainty for the entrepreneur, and, at first sight, appear technically difficult and psychologically depressing.

Later, of course, it turns out that the establishment and operation of an offshore company are no more complicated than in the case of a domestic firm. On the contrary, in a number of cases these tasks are more simple. It is possible to raise or reduce the registered capital of the company, to transfer the shares, to remove the directors and to appoint new ones. The merger of several offshore companies, as well as the separation of individual offshore companies are also permitted. It is possible to close down a company officially without having to carry out final accounting with the tax office and the office of company registration in the given location.

Certain objectives for the creation of an offshore company

What Kind of Advantages Do Offshore Companies Offer?

The process of establishing/purchasing a company

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