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LAVECO LTD. renders tel/fax/mail forwarding services to its customers (that is, companies incorporated with the assistance of LAVECO LTD.) These services include:
  • providing the company with a postal address, and telephone and fax numbers in the country of incorporation or in another country,
  • receiving, holding and forwarding correspondence received in the company`s name.

When a client takes advantage of this service, LAVECO LTD. guarantees full confidence, precise and prompt forwarding of information, proper preparation of documents, and observance of the clients instructions.

In order to use the tel/fax/mail forwarding services offered by LAVECO LTD. the client is required to fill in an Application Form for Tel/Fax/Mail Forwarding Services and to make the necessary payment according to an invoice which will be drawn up by LAVECO LTD.

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