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When and why is it practical to use the services of the nominee owner and the nominee director?

The use of nominee owners is most useful in the case of locations where the details of the owners are openly available to the public; that is, on the basis of the company register, anybody may become familiar with the identity of the owners. Countries of this type are Ireland and Cyprus, where owners' details are entered in the company register. If, therefore, you wish to remain anonymous in these locations, it is necessary to have the details of another person, a so-called nominee owner, entered in the company register. In this case, it is very important that the nominee owner should not act against the wishes of the actual beneficiary, and should not abuse his or her rights. This problem is overcome by an agreement between the nominee owner and the actual beneficiary - the so-called Trust Deed.

In practice, the use of nominee directors and owners requires, in both cases, perfect and complete trust between the commissioning and the commissioned parties, since the nominee directors formally have considerable economic power in the company. Abuse of such power, though theoretically possible, in practice is virtually unheard of since the nominee directors are usually employees of the local law office which generally also represents the company locally. These offices take good care to work only with reliable partners. The “corporate industry” provides them with a living and any scandal involving them would result in the loss of trust in the given law office, and consequently, a dramatic fall in the number of orders.

Therefore, the most important rule is that the nominee directors direct and may direct the company only on the basis of the instructions of the beneficiaries.

And another important rule: the use of nominee directors is, in most cases, recommended but by no means compulsory.

The nominee directors and owners work for several hundred ventures simultaneously. Their considerable income is derived from the annual commission fees paid by the companies on a regular basis, as well as from the individually modest, but collectively substantial, fees paid on a case-to-case basis for any work actually performed (signing of contracts, etc.).

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