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When might it be desirable or necessary to use the tel/fax/mail forwarding services?

To increase the prestige of the company:

An offshore company is usually acquired in order to do business in different countries. Naturally, the company needs to have a respectable image in order to proceed with serious business activities. It goes without saying that a company with an office (i.e. an address and telephone and fax numbers) in a large European or American city will command greater respect and be treated more seriously than a company which has only a postal address on a small remote island.

In the case of a company with an office in Europe or America it is very difficult to determine the exact place of incorporation - a fact which may be very useful in creating a more appropriate international image for the company.

To increase confidence in the company:

The use of the tel/fax/mail forwarding services may be very useful for citizens of countries in which the postal service works slowly and inefficiently; in such countries there is a very real danger of company correspondence (such as contracts, bank statements etc.) being lost or sent to the wrong address, which may have very serious consequences. By holding all correspondence in the office provided for the company within the framework of the tel/fax/mail forwarding services, and forwarding it by courier at regular, pre-arranged intervals, the risk of correspondence being lost or mislaid is practically eliminated.

The use of the tel/fax/mail forwarding services is also indispensable for residents of those countries or states where the use of offshore companies is strictly controlled, restricted, or even prohibited. The postal address, and telephone and fax numbers provided within the framework of the tel/fax/mail forwarding services can be used in contracts and invoices, and thus help to distract the attention of the tax authorities from the companys true country of incorporation. In such cases, the impression created is of a company entirely managed from abroad (i.e. from the office in Europe or America ).

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