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Hungary - Budapest
Company name: LAVECO Kereskedelmi es Szolgaltato Kft (LAVECO Trade & Services Ltd.)
Date of registration: 26th October 1991
Registered number: 01-09-079-619
Registered address: 33/a Raday St., 1092 Budapest, Hungary
Registration authority: Fovarosi Cegbirosag (Budapest Municipal Company Registrar)
Telephone number: +36-1-456-72-00
Fax number: +36-1-456-72-01
Email address: hungary@laveco.com
Individual website address: www.laveco.hu
Status within the group: Customer services office
Services available: All of the services offered by the LAVECO group
Specialist services: Opening of bank accounts in Hungarian banks (which can be arranged in one working day), certification of documents by Notary Public, certification of documents by Apostille, consular certification of documents in foreign consulates located in Hungary, official translation of company documents, express preparation of company stamps, forwarding of letters and telephone and fax messages from Hungary
Contacts at the office: Regarding company formation and related services:
In English: Martin Samuels +36-1-456-72-06
In Hungarian: Gizella Kozma +36-1-456-72-07
In Russian: Larisza Demeter +36-1-456-72-05
In Slovak: Monika Machal +36-1-456-72-09
Regarding bank account opening:
Maria Sokolova (in English, German, Hungarian, Russian) +36-1-456-72-08
Monika Machal (in English, Hungarian, Russian, Slovak) +36-1-456-72-09
Office hours (local time): Mon - Thu: 8.30am - 5.30pm
Fri: 8.30am - 5pm
Certificate of incorporation:
Company representative:
Laszlo Varadi, economist, born in 1969. Graduated from the Budapest University of Economic Sciences, member of the Offshore Institute since 1996
Office photograph: P30601032.JPG
Map of office location:
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