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Conclusion: certain ground rules for working with Western European banks.
Rule No 1: the bank is always right, despite the fact that it always declares quite the opposite. The interests of the bank shall be understood and taken into consideration when working together. The bank shall always feel that a customer is willing to make contact with it.

Rule No 2: knowledge of the English language or the language of the country in which the bank is located is obligatory, since co-operation with the bank is impossible without it. It is necessary to pay particular attention to the knowledge of specific banking terms. Errors and misunderstanding may lead to one or other party taking the wrong course of action and give rise to the bank's mistrust of the customer.

Rule No 3: the bank shall know its customer. That is, the bank shall have certain basic information on the business, its owners and those authorised to manage the account.

Rule No 4: all necessary paperwork shall be filled out thoroughly and correctly. No amendments, crossings out, corrections etc. are allowed. The most important thing is the signature, which must correspond to the specimen on the signature card.

Rule No 5: no documents are to be sent to the bank without prior agreement by telephone. Furthermore, the customer should always be readily contacable on the numbers he provides, and it is very important that the bank should not have to spend too long searching for the customer. The bank shall always be able to contact the customer to resolve any problems which may arise relating to the settlement of accounts, and shall always receive a prompt reply to any faxes sent.

Rule No 6: the bank does not usually require the presentation of contracts; it does, however, reserve the right to request an explanation of payments. The customer shall be prepared for such a case and shall respond to such a request by promptly presenting to the bank a contract or invoice with a detailed description of purposes and sources of payment.

Rule No 7: the withdrawal of large sums of money from, or deposit of large sums into, the account are not recommended without prior discussion with the bank, except in the case of emergency.
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