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Management of a foreign bank account.
The management of a foreign bank account may be carried out by post as well as by telephone and fax using code words or tables. In certain cases electronic banking is also now available.

Cash transactions (deposit of money into, and withdrawal of money from the account).

The difficulty in depositing cash into an account is really a weak point in Western banks. This is mainly connected with the fact that many foreign banks have a negative attitude towards ready cash. Furthermore, when opening an account with a Western bank, the situation is also aggravated by the fact that, as a rule, clients from the countries of Central and Eastern Europe require a visa when visiting the country in which the bank is located. The solution might be to open two accounts, one in a bank located in Hungary or the Baltic, and the other in Western Europe. In this case the cash may be deposited in the Hungarian bank and then transferred to the company's other account.

Withdrawing cash from an account is much simpler and may be done in two ways: using a cheque book issued by the bank or a debit card (VISA, EUROCARD etc.).
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