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Hungarian banks: a general description.

Hungarian banks satisfy all the criteria listed in the previous section on what is required from a bank when considering opening a corporate account.

The political and economic situation of the Republic of Hungary is very stable. The transition to the new political system began much earlier than in other countries of Eastern Europe and all passed off smoothly, which is rare in this region.

The banking system of Hungary is reliable, and the safety of foreign investments is guaranteed by the State. In the whole history of Hungary's existence there has not been one single case of the confiscation of the means of foreign citizens or of any other discriminatory measures being taken regarding their property.

The law on bank secrecy exists and is strictly observed in the Republic of Hungary; no information on accounts or their holders may be given either to the tax authorities, or to the police.

About 40 banks operate in the Republic of Hungary, most of which are joint ventures. Besides the State, the shareholders are large foreign banks such as: Creditanstalt, Bayerische Landesbank, The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development, Bayerische Vereinsbank, Sakura Bank etc.

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